Love Grows

On this day, 17 years ago

I had no idea, I did not know…

That you were the ‘one’, no others would do

I didn’t know it then, but I took a chance on you

You asked for “the hook up”, and I said “sure”

I had no idea all that we would endure

I was just a shy girl and you, a wild boy

All I knew was being around you brought me lots of joy

As days turned into weeks and then weeks into years

We grew closer as we shared our dreams, plans, and fears

3 years had passed, you asked me to be your wife

Of course I said “yes!”, I couldn’t wait to start our life

Slowly but surely, the following year went by

It was our wedding day, the 13th of July

It felt like a dream, I couldn’t believe it was true

I was finally your wife, I actually got to marry you

Marriage hasn’t been easy – actually, it has been quite tough

We now know, in order to make it…we’re not enough

Marriage isn’t between two, it was made for three

What a beautiful picture of the Holy Trinity

We’ve walked through some valleys and real dark places

We’ve seen the hurt and pain we’ve caused on one another’s faces

There were times we knew we were falling apart

This was all God’s plan from the very start

He’d let us try and we’d make a mess

No way to fix it but to go to Him and confess

He’s taught us so much and He’s still teaching us more

The lessons have been hard, at times our hearts tore

There have been times is all seemed like too much

But God has restored us by His grace-filled touch

Marriage won’t work without God in the middle

There’s no other way, no magic, no riddle

This much we’ve learned and know is true

I’m so glad that I’ve learned these lessons with you

When I think of our love, my mind goes back to this date

The day our love story began – January 18, 1998

I love you, Phillip Scott Neville!

Thank you for learning and growing with me, and continually loving me through all of the hard times that we have faced together. God has truly been good to us and has helped us understand what marriage is truly about.

Happy “Beginning Of Our Love Story” Anniversary!

I love loving you!



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