What To Do When We’re Worlds Apart

We see the pictures and hear the stories of people who live in poverty but it’s really hard to actually imagine living in such conditions every single day.

Some of us have had the privilege of going on mission trips and actually meeting some of the precious people but there always comes a time, the end of the trip, where we get to pack up our things and head back home to America.

America, where our lives are (for the most part) much more comfortable than theirs and even the “not so wealthy” here in the U.S. are much more wealthy than these families.

Just yesterday, our family along with some of our church family went to the “Compassion Experience.”


It was very eye opening and heart wrenching to actually walk through a couple of personal stories of children who lived through such horrible conditions.

As we listened to their stories and saw just a little of the life that they had to live, my heart broke.


Our children had many questions afterward about why children had to live that way and we did our best to explain that unfortunately, other countries aren’t as fortunate as ours. But that is no excuse, as born again believers who love and live for Jesus, we MUST do our part.

Those who live in extreme poverty are desperate. Some are so desperate in fact, that they send their children out to steal food so that they may live for one more day. Others make an alcoholic drink from dangerous ingredients that will speed up the process of dying, just so they don’t have to continue living in such miserable conditions.

So, what can we do? We’re worlds apart….

I’m writing to tell you all about a wonderful program called “Compassion” where you can look through multiple pictures of children to sponsor. Before you stop reading and think that’s not for me…consider this! It is only $30 some dollars a month. For our family, that is 1 dinner out a month that we can sacrifice to help pay for MANY of a child’s basic needs, including medicine and school. The best part is that they also get to learn all about Jesus through the Compassion program and many of their families end up getting saved and witnessing to others about our wonderful Savior and His love!

It is a beautiful thing to be a part of. Please take a look at the website and pray about sponsoring, if not now, then possibly sometime in the future!


If there is no way you can sponsor, please still pray for these precious people! God loves them as much as He loves us and wants them to know it!! We are His hands and feet, so let’s reach out in anyway that we can and share His Great Love with them!

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Colossians 3:12

The following link is a previous blog that I wrote about Yelson, the child that we have the honor of sponsoring, loving and praying for.


This is a recent picture that we received from “Compassion” of Yelson…


It’s funny how you can love someone you’ve never actually met, so very much!

May God Bless You, my Friends!


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