Dear Scott

Dear Scott

I’ve loved you since we were just a couple of kids.



Becoming Mrs. Neville has made me one happy lady!

My heart has been filled to the max with love for you

since 1998,

but one thing I never knew till 2003, was that

a heart could grow…

When you became my husband, I thought that was the pinnacle of love

and to a degree, I suppose it was.

But when you became the father to our children, a whole new love

for you, in my heart was awaken. My heart grew a size

with the birth of each child we share

and love has filled it to the brim.

To see you hold, rock, sing to and love our babies

has been one of my life’s greatest joys!


There really are no words that I can find to describe

the love and appreciation I have for you,

for the kind of father that you are

to our little Neville’s.

So as simple as it may seem, I just want to thank you!!

Thank you for all the diapers you’ve changed, the vomit you’ve cleaned,

the tears you’ve dried, the boo boo’s you’ve bandaged,

every prayer you’ve said over them

while they were sick or hurting.


Thanks for all the hugs you gave, the kisses you’ve given,

the thumbs up and the words of encouragement

you’ve given them over the years.


Thank you for making time to read with them, blow bubbles, build block towers, play games,

take walks, ride boats, plan vacations, share dreams and goals,

and teaching them how to explore!





Thanks for the times you’ve made them belly laugh, the pillow fights, the silly jokes,

the wrestling moves and tickle wars, for teaching them the silly “art of pranking”

and for sharing your love for art with them.


Thanks for all of the holiday traditions, making memories together, the crazy grocery store trips,

shoulder rides and smiles that you’ve given them

and me.


Thanks for answering hard questions, leading family devotions, reading

God’s precious Word to them

and showing them how to reach the Throne of God

in prayer!


Thank you for all that you have taught them and are teaching them.

Thank you for being present in their lives and being an example to them by

how you’re living your life before them.

For walking in integrity, seeking out truth, living by faith,

trusting in God, showing mercy and living in God’s great grace

before them.

I am thankful that you are my husband and their Dad!

fathers day husband

Thank you!

fathers day scripture

Proverbs 20:7

The righteous man walks in his integrity;
His children are blessed after him.

Happy Father’s Day my Love!


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