Shout A Little Louder!


How do we respond when people make comments about things that they just don’t understand??

Well, first we get upset (especially when it is so close to home) but then…

then we say a prayer for them that they educate themselves before speaking out again

and we try to shout the truth about the matter a little louder!

Here is my attempt to do just that!!


I personally do not watch the Grey’s Anatomy show but heard about the

crude comments that were made on the show about 22q11 deletion syndrome.

(From our 22q Community who are enraged!)

Though we do not speak out about 22q often,

today I wanted to share a bit of my heart,

for those of you who may have been misinformed about the diagnosis of this

particular syndrome from the show or any where else…

Our oldest daughter was born with 22q and was not diagnosed till she was 7 years old.

Of course the syndrome brings some complications and a few extra hurdles to jump throughout life,

but it definitely is not a

“death sentence”, as I was told the show had insinuated.

Our Catie is as perfect as all of our other children and we count it a blessing

that God chose us to be her parents!

Psalm 139:13 says “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

and we know without a shadow of a doubt that

God created every piece of her DNA (or lack thereof) for a very special purpose….

we don’t always have to understand His ways, we just have faith in them!

We trust Him and have all confidence that He created Caitlyn

and all other precious 22q-t’s (cuties) with His divine purpose for their lives in mind.

We have had the pleasure of meeting several other 22q families over

the past few years and these children are precious and definitely NOT of lesser value

than any other sweet little child that God has created!




How common is 22q11.2 deletion syndrome?

22q11.2 deletion syndrome affects an estimated 1 in 4,000 people. However, the condition may actually be more common than this estimate because doctors and researchers suspect it is underdiagnosed due to its variable features. The condition may not be identified in people with mild signs and symptoms, or it may be mistaken for other disorders with overlapping features.


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