4 Days Feels Like 4-Ever


my husband and I started dating when we

were a very mature 14 years old, ha!

We were just a couple of kids trying to figure out what it meant

to be “grown up”.

I remember the day that he leaned over to me and sweetly asked

“can I hold your hand?”

I nodded my shy little yes, he took my hand and we’ve been

holding each others hands and hearts

ever since.


That first summer when school let out for break, he left to spend

the summer with his aunt, as he had done many summers before. We talked

on the phone continuously and anxiously counted down the days

for break to be over.

I had never felt so excited for a break to end in all of my life!

After a few weeks there, he humbly asked

his aunt if it would be okay to come home a bit earlier than planned.

The two of us have not been apart from one

another for more than about 2 days since.


Sunday morning, the Little Neville’s and I squeezed him tight, shed some

tears and waved goodbye as he boarded

the plane to Atlanta.

He will be there for 4 days while training for work

and though 4 days may not seem like

a long time to others…

4 days feels like 4-ever to us!

I know they say that

“absence makes the heart grow fonder”

but my heart has been most fond of this man since I was

just a girl and though

I am sure there is some truth in that statement, I would much rather have him here with me.


With that said, I am thankful that he is

in Atlanta doing what he needs to do to provide for our


As that young girl, I would have never dreamed

that we’d be where we are today,

happily married with a beautiful family.

I could never have imagined all the twists and turns

that this journey of life would take us on but

through it all he has stood by my side

and held my hand.

I am counting down the hours till

I see his handsome face, feel his embrace and he’s holding my hand again!!



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