Do You Have Room For Him?


no room

Just a couple more days till Christmas!

I can just imagine how Mary must have felt, knowing that very soon

her baby would be born.

I know for myself, the closer I got to delivery with my children, the more I wanted

things in order. I wanted to feel prepared

to bring our new baby home where everything was awaiting his/her arrival

to live comfortably.

But here is Mary, being great with child the Bible says.

And they’re still searching for a place to stay.

No one had any room for them…

We all know the story, that Jesus was born in a stable

and laid in a manger.

The people of Bethlehem were preoccupied by the census that was taking place

and the things going on in their lives.

They had no room for Jesus!

It breaks my heart to see people today so busy with life, so preoccupied

with the things that are going on in their lives…

some are

so busy “having fun”

and doing their own thing that they

too have no room for this precious Savior.

Here is my question for you today…

Do you have room for Him?


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