Changing Christmas


It’s officially time to count down to Christmas!

So exciting!!!

This year I’m changing Christmas…

I’m not going to put a huge focus on the presents but more

on the presence

of the Greatest Gift ever given!

When we decorate our tree, we’ll talk about the tree that

He gave His life on

and He did it all for us!

When we decorate our home, we’ll talk about how Jesus

came into our world with no home

and when we put our children to bed at night,

we’ll tell them how the

Greatest Human to ever walk the earth

was laid in a manger

and had no bed of His own.

Oh yes, we will be giving gifts and decorating and eating

a Christmas feast as we have done

all the years before


we will turn our focus on the

Reason for the Season

and remember that HE is the reason we have Christmas,

the reason that we celebrate!

We have already entered the season of


what a beautiful privilege we have to celebrate

the One who has saved us!

And I can only imagine how Mary must have felt,

knowing that she was carrying

the Messiah!


He is our hope, our joy, our salvation

and may we all

turn our eyes toward the Heavens

and thank God for such a precious gift!

~ ❤ ~


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