I Hope He’s Just Like You

Dear Scott

This morning while you and the kids were at Sunday School, I was too sick

to go…

I thanked the Good Lord for you and I just wanted you to know!

I am thankful that you shepherd our family the way that you do, that you care for

not just our physical needs but our spiritual needs as well.

As bad as I wanted to be in church sitting next to you, worshipping the One who has blessed

us so…

my heart was glad knowing that you all were there lifting me up in prayer

and drawing close to our Savior.

And then, this afternoon when you came home to a wife sick and still in bed,

you smiled and told me that I looked beautiful.

( that is true love… lol )

You have taken care of our children all day, cleaned up our messy little home,

ran errands and still made time to pamper me.

Thank you!

I am grateful for you and the love that we share.

Thank you for your love, your kindness, your gentleness…

you are my very best friend

and I thank God often for the gift that He blessed me with

when He placed the two of us together.

When our son grows up and becomes a man,

I hope he’s just like you!




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