Are We Weeping


Today I was reading about Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet.

All of my life I’ve heard stories about Jeremiah

but until today

I never really felt like I identified with him.

As I read about how he lived in the final days of the crumbling nation of Israel,

I immediately thought about the

“crumbling” that is taking place in our very own nation.

Jeremiah, a faithful, God-fearing man, was called to tell Israel that,

because of their unrepentant sin, their God had turned against them.

We as Christians are called to spread the Good News,

this Glorious Gospel

and tell others to repent of their sin

or else God will turn against all those who do not.

Jeremiah is known as “the weeping prophet,” because he cried tears of sadness,

not only because he knew what was about to happen,

but because no matter how hard he tried, the people would not listen.

I have experienced rejection a time or two and if you have,

I’m sure we can agree that it isn’t a great feeling.

Here though, I believe Jeremiah is weeping about much more than just

a rejection of himself. People were rejecting

the Greatest Gift known to mankind…

they were rejecting the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

What a reason Jeremiah had to weep!

Often times, when people reject the message of Jesus, I find myself

thinking “they’ve heard the message a hundred times and

it’s their choice to continue doing what they’re doing.”

Fellow Believers, may the Lord

help us to take some time and be like Jeremiah,

warning those in love to turn to Christ

and if they do not,

may we weep and call out to a Loving God

who is full of Grace and Mercy

on their behalf.

Today my heart is broken.

I know so many that I dearly love that have rejected

the Gospel of Christ time and time again.

Help me Lord

to not take such a serious thing so lightly…

Break my heart for what breaks Yours!


On behalf of these precious souls, are we weeping?

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2 thoughts on “Are We Weeping

  1. Amen! This walk with the Lord is more than excitement, fun and games; which is fine in their place. But it is so much deeper; for our hearts to break for the souls of men!

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