Learning Journey

It’s already noon, our day has begun…

Another day of learning and fun!


We read, we write and we explore…

sometimes we even do math at the store!

We learn about our Country

and how the States became United.

We learn about the Great Voyage

and when the “New World”

was first sighted!


We learn about the Ocean, deep and blue…


Very LARGE creatures and little ones too!



We live in the Capital of our State.

We learn so much

when we visit this place….


This place is so neat, it is our State House!

We even seen this guy…

Mickey Mouse!!


Oh…wait, that’s Lincoln


that didn’t rhyme.

You should know

he’s our FAVORITE President of all time!

We also learn how to be safe in fires.

To stay away from lighters, matches and wires.



Our Mom always says that we’re on a journey.

And each day travel further

with all the stuff that we’re learning!

Happy Learning Everyone 🙂


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