Always Remember

Let me introduce you to my beautiful sister Hannah and her handsome hubby Steven.


Aren’t they a beautiful couple!

They just celebrated their 10 year Wedding Anniversary!

Growing up, Hannah was always one who LOVED to take care of

any baby that she could get her hands on.

It didn’t matter how stinky or gross the child’s need may have been, she was always happy to oblige.

She dreamed of becoming a wife

and a mother one day

and now with Steven by her side, she had someone to share

this dream with!


After many disappointing negative pregnancy tests, they decided to seek

professional help

in order to conceive. Many treatments later, you can imagine the excitement

they shared when they saw the

positive plus sign

that revealed that they were going to be parents!


We were all

completely “over the moon” and ready to celebrate!

Things were going smoothly

and before long, the baby was growing and she was glowing!


It was shortly after she hit the “10 week marker” that Hannah began to

experience some pain and loss of blood.

Under close watch by the docs, she was put on bed rest

but her symptoms of a “potential miscarriage” continued.


Standing next to her on one side

and her trembling husband on the other, we waited for the Ultrasound Technician

to enter the room.

As the Tech searched Hannah’s uterus for the fetus,

we clenched hands and

silently begged God to let us keep this precious life that He had formed in her womb.

The Good Lord had other plans.

The Tech informed us that there was no longer a

heart beat and that

the Physician would be in to prescribe a pill

that would help

“pass on the tissue that remained.”


I cannot put into words

the emotions that flooded that room.

My sister went home

that day and endured the most horrific pain physically,

mentally and emotionally.

Her husband doing all he could do to comfort her,

as he was aching too.

We all were.

It was a terrible experience to say the least.

She was rushed to the hospital that night, nearly hemorrhaging but

thank God she got there in the nick of time!

The pain of loosing

a baby, no matter what “stage” of life

is utterly heartbreaking!

I, myself have never experienced such a loss

but if you have a sister, relative, friend or someone you love that has experienced

such a tragedy, you will understand when I say that

my heart was broken too!

That is not to say that I hurt as deeply as they did…

I know that my pain and grief was different than Hannah and Steven’s

on many levels.


Time went by and we were thrilled to find that baby #2

was on it’s way!


Through mood swings and cravings,

Steven stayed right be her side.


Sadly, our hearts were torn again

as we mourned the loss

of this precious little life.


The following is a note from Hannah:


It breaks my heart to write that Hannah & Steven have endured a total of 4 miscarriages!

Pregnancy #4 was twins.


A total of 5 “angel babies” are now resting in the arms of Jesus.

Though they aren’t with us right now,

we will

Always Remember!

Words From Hannah:

“I feel so blessed that Steven and I were chosen to be mommy and daddy to these

precious angel babies.

It hurt emotionally, mentally

and physically to loose them

but looking back, I know that we have been blessed to

even have them in my womb.

I wish I could have them here on earth and hold them close

but God had other plans.

We may not always understand His plan

but we will trust it.

We have now been blessed with 4 beautiful children

that I know we would have never even met

had our biological babies survived.

We are now fostering

and have adopted 1 of our children and I wouldn’t trade my journey for nothing!

It has made me a stronger mom, wife,

and person in general.

I have such an appreciation for getting to be a mom

to our beautiful children

that God has blessed us with.

No, they didn’t grow in my womb like our angel babies did

but they sure did grow in my heart!”


A picture of Steven and Hannah’s Family



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