You Are My Forever Always

I wrote this 2 years ago and it still stands true today!

This past July, Scott and I spent a weekend in a little

cabin tucked away in the trees out in the woods

to celebrate our 10yr wedding anniversary!

While we were there, we discovered a hammock hanging amongst the trees.

We spent lots of time there swinging, talking and

looking at the beautiful creation around us.

As I looked up to the leaves above us, I noticed that there were different

shades of green.

Some of the leaves were bright green and some of them were faded.

Alot like our 10+ years together…

Starting on July 13, 2002…

the day that I became Mrs.Neville, life became brighter!

Since that day, things that I only dreamed about before have now become my reality.

I am not only the wife of the man that I love

but also mother to our 4

beautiful children.

The most beautiful children that

I have ever layed eyes on!

I won’t say that our life together has been perfect because that would not be true.

There have definitely been ups and downs. The “not so bright times” that have

been very trying for both of us, more like the “faded” times of life!

What I will say is that I’m thankful that our love

 has remained through those times.

There have been times, we have felt distant and far apart.

Times that we’ve had to hang on with everything in us…

and keep going, no matter how dark it seemed ahead.

We always persevere together and find our way back

to a “brighter” place again!

There have been challenges we have faced

during these past 10 years

and I’m sure that there are many more ahead of us!


I am positive that there will be lots more “bright” days!

There will also be

more “faded” days that lie ahead for us

in this journey of life.

One thing I know for sure is that no matter what our future holds, we will face it together

~hand in hand~

just as we have always done.

Even when it’s hard to see the path that is before us…

we will go, together!

We will explore new places,

try new things,

 and have tons of fun along the way…

At times we may get a little crazy…

 and no doubt we won’t always wake up to breakfast in bed,

beautiful trails to walk through

with butterflies

and flowers blooming out of tree stumps.

Sometimes there will be cliffs to dodge…

and steep steps to climb…

but no matter how scary it looks….

I will look for you…

and we will face it together!

Just as we have done for the past 10 years!

I love you Phillip Scott Neville ~Always *&* Forever~


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