To Our Sweet Mckenna

Scott and I are privileged to have 4 beautiful children, and because we do,

sometimes it’s tough for them to get the individual attention

they desire.

We have done our best to spend one on one time with each of them.

Scott does “daddy/daughter dates” and “boys day out”

and I try to do

“girls day out” and hope to do a “mom/son date”

with our young son soon.

Still, most of what we do is usually as

a family.

Although we have tons of fun all together

and we are making wonderful family memories,

we still want

our children to know that they are important to us as individuals.

They are each unique and possess beautiful qualities

that make them who they are.

Therefore, my husband and I have decided to

write each of them

a “blessing” individually to honor each one.


Our sweet McKenna, our pleasant surprise. We could not imagine life

without you.

Our Heavenly Father has created you and ordained a plan for you before

you ever took your first breath.

We are so thankful that God has chose us to be your parents.

Our desire is to raise you in the fear and admonition

of the Lord.

We pray that you know Him for yourself, love Him with your

whole heart and live for Him all of your days.

Since the time you were very small,

we have noticed your tender, loving heart toward God and people.

You make us proud by your efforts to learn more from scripture and devotion

 and by growing in the ways of the Lord

that you may love Him greater.

Your helpfulness and humility are God-given traits,

put in you by our loving Creator.

You are always willing to lend a helping hand or speak a word of


It doesn’t go unnoticed and

we appreciate your kindness and your loving ways.

It is our prayer that you will live a life that is completely “sold out” to the Lord!

Remember that even if you gain the whole world

but loose your own soul,

you’d have nothing because Jesus is everything.

Find your identity in Him always!

Never let the world determine who you are or what you do.

Follow after the Lord.

Strive for holiness of character

and beauty of the soul.

Be gentle, be kind and loving.

Love God and love your neighbor.

Store up eternal treasures and hold loosely

to temporal things.

Always know that you are loved…

We love you

beyond what words can describe.

And though our love for you is great big,

God’s love for you is even greater.

Nothing can ever separate you from the love of Christ.

You are forever loved!

God’s word tells us that favour is deceitful

and beauty is vain

but a woman who fears the Lord

shall be praised.

Don’t be fooled by what society says

beauty is.

Always remember beauty starts on the inside.

You are beautiful inside, out!

Our prayer is that you continue to honor God with your

mind, body and soul.

We bless you with

God’s abundant love, wisdom, peace and joy.

Whatever lies ahead of you

in this life,

know with assurance

that you are safe in Christ!

May He alone be your fulfillment.

May He alone receive your worship


may He alone sustain you

all of your days on this earth.

We pray that you

love and serve the


all of your days.

Love Always, Mom and Dad


7 thoughts on “To Our Sweet Mckenna

    • What a day that was…I was terrified about having another baby so soon but God knew what He was doing when He gave her to us at just the right time! You’re right….she is amazing! 🙂 Thanks for reading Miranda!


  1. What a precious gift this is to your daughter. May every word you wrote turn true for Mckenna as she grows into the woman God wants her to be. I pray you will continue to lead and guide her in His love, wisdom and grace. ~ Blessings in Jesus to you and your family ~

    Liked by 1 person

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