Anything You Can Do…

I found this to be very informative and encouraging! Hope you are blessed by it as well!

A Homeschool Mom

Anything You Can Do No competition here; just good, plain fun!

It’s there, you can feel it. The underlying edge to the conversation. These women aren’t sharing their knowledge of learning and parenting for the sake of edification. Nope; they are condescendingly sharing their ideas so that others will admire their actions, abilities, and resources.

Is it a female thing; this need to compare ourselves to other people? While I am sure there are men who engage in such actions, I find this to be more prevalent in women. We weigh our curriculum, our routines, our households, our relationships, and more against someone else’s. Why do we do this?

Sometimes we are doing so simply to evaluate where we stand. Are we on the right path? Is there more we could be doing? At other times, if we are being honest with ourselves, we are filled with pride. How could they do that; don’t they know…

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2 thoughts on “Anything You Can Do…

  1. How profoundly moving your blog is, Rachael — God-prints all over it! Only. God. Giving a you a real long hug from the farm today and praying with you and saying you are doing beautiful, brave, things and you are His beloved, Rachael…be soul encouraged!
    With more love than these thin letters can carry, All’s grace, Ann Voskamp

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    • I am so honored that you took the time to view my blog! Wow, thank you! The words that you share through your blog have inspired me time after time to continuously look to the Savior. I have counted “One thousand gifts” over and over (even the “ugly-beautiful”) because of your words of wisdom and the godly example that you are. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your encouragement to me today!

      Sending many prayers and much love always, Rachael

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