This Is Real Life (Part 2)


I wrote a post about how most of what we share on

social media

is the best of our lives

and not really much of the mundane, day to day

“real life” events.

You can read that post here:

To be completely honest with you,

writing that post made me very nervous

because I knew that after writing my thoughts that I would also need to


And so….

I took a step (more like a leap) out of my comfort zone after writing the blog

and posted the following picture on Facebook

with the caption “I’m brave enough to post this #RealLife pic of our house today.”


This is definitely something that I would have never normally posted.

My initial thoughts were


what have I done? what will everyone think of me? will my friends think I’m

a terrible housekeeper? a terrible mother? a terrible wife?

My mind instantly started racing

with what I thought other people were thinking of me.

What happened next

really did take me by surprise!

About 20 minutes after my #reallife post, a friend of mine posted this….


with the following caption…

“Ok, I read something very inspirational about how people post mostly all the good moments in life and how it gives off the perception that most people have the perfect FB life.. You never see real life things/ moments… So I was inspired by Rachael Neville to post something I would never usually post.. here it is, a sink full of dirty dishes.. #RealLife

One by one,

several posts began flooding in and people were actually sharing

parts of their real life

with one another.

If you look at my Facebook page today,

you will see tons of #RealLife posts

that I have posted or have been tagged in by lots of women.

This is a conversation that actually happened in the “comments” section of one of

our #RealLife photos:

Friend 1: “I admit, it was very hard for me to share that picture. I’m still wondering “what people think of me” ha, but I realize that is a struggle of mine, always has been. The worry if I measure up, if my clothes are just right, is my hair in place, do I sound stupid when I talk, do they like me, do I fit in, am I good enough……bleh…..I try to pretend that I don’t care what people think, but in all honesty, I do, to a point I guess. 🙂 I don’t ever want to be fake, or perceived as if I have my life all together and my marriage and children are perfect because, they’re not! SHOCKER, I know, haha, but true story! Now I’ve unloaded my guts. Great! lol #RealLife 😉

Friend 2: “I so totally understand what you are saying because that is me to a “t”. My problem is I have always dealt with low self esteem and I feel like I am always looked at.”

Me: ” your comment just made my day! You just put into words what most of us think and feel all the time! Isn’t it great to be real with one another 😉

Friend 3: Wow, I felt like I was reading about myself! Thanks for sharing!! (I felt the same yesterday after posting my pictures and actually felt my face flushing)”

Friend 1: Phew (wiping brow) do y’all know how many times I deleted and re wrote that comment. Haha Rachael, you may have started a great thing!


The great thing about all of this is knowing that none of us are alone!

Real Life happens in all of our homes

and no matter how “perfect” someone’s life is portrayed on social media,

believe me, it’s not.

It’s a beautiful thing when we can be open, be honest….

be Real

with one another and allow others to see

that we are all

normal wives, mothers, daughters

and friends trying to live this messy life

in a beautiful way!

Here are some of the #RealLife pics that have been posted by some of my friends

so far:



“I was challenged to share #reallife unedited pictures of what really goes on day to day without all the polish. We normally only share the good parts of our lives on Facebook with our houses (at least the part you can see in the picture) clean, our kids being little angels, and us having our lives together basically. I clean the books up about 4 times a week but other than that they look like this. “



“This is some #reallife around our house.”



“Never a dull moment. #RealLife”


I think you get the picture and I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these


This is #RealLife and it can get messy but what a “beautiful mess” it is!


3 thoughts on “This Is Real Life (Part 2)

  1. Love this. I’m embarrassed by a lot of my real life, so I spend a lot of time looking for the good and the beautiful in it. I capture those things on camera to remind me that even in the messiness of life, there is beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

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