Life Is Like the Ocean

None of us had ever seen the ocean in real life before!

I don’t know who was more excited about it, the kids or the adults.

I can tell you that

we were all definitely excited that all of those hours of driving

had finally came to an end!

This was the first time

we had ever been on a real family vacation

and we were so anxious to get to Myrtle Beach and get


We all quickly unloaded from the cramped up, rental van and headed down

to see what we drove so many hours to get to!

I remember the first time I saw it, the ocean was absolutely breath taking!

I got lost in the beauty of  all of the never ending waves.

I must have stood there in awe for a good 60 seconds,

standing just close

enough to feel the cool water at my ankles.

The kids couldn’t contain their excitement any longer so we had to rush them

to the condo to get their supplies for building sand castles!

With shovels in hand and floaties on their arms,

we marched back down to the beach.

They got started right away….

We stayed all day til late that evening building sand castles…

and burrying one another!

We had such a wonderful time that year

that we decided we would plan our next year’s vacation at Virginia Beach,

so that we could take Caleb to the ocean as well.

(Caleb had not been born yet, he was still on his way)

We had an awesome time at the Ocean once again

and Caleb loved it too!

The first time I saw him step far enough out into the ocean

 to feel the waves crashing in on him,

I realized

 that  Life is like the Ocean!

He didn’t anticipate that the wave would hit him so hard that it would knock him down.

but it did!

I watched as my baby boy would brave the waves over and over again.

The waves would knock him down and he would rise again

just to be tossed back on the sand once more.

(I thought about all of the trials of life, all of the different things

that are thrown our way.)

At one point the waves got

too strong and he gulped a good bit of salty ocean water

and became very afraid!

(Sometimes the “ocean” of life gets overwhelming

and fear sets in!)

That’s when daddy stepped in and rescued him from the big overwhelming

waves before him.

He knew he was safe in daddy’s arms!

I can think of many times that I have been tossed in this “ocean” of life!

Tossed by

circumstances, finances, diagnosis’, people, whatever it may be.

I will say that I haven’t always been brave enough

to stand back to my feet

as many times as my brave boy did…

There have been many times that I have layed flat on my face

waiting for the “wave” to pass over me.

I’m thankful today that my

Heavenly Father has always been there to catch me when the “waves” of life get too strong!

He has rescued me from the overwhelming

“ocean” of life many, many times!

There have also been times that I have stood to my feet,

braved the “waves” and overcome

by the

precious Grace of God

and determined to enjoy this “ocean of life!”

This is not something I could do on my own.

I’ve always needed Him!

He’s always been there for me in my time of need!

He will be there for you too!

Whatever “wave” you may be facing,

if it knocks you down today,

call out to

the one who can walk on the waves,

rise back to your feet and enjoy the ride on the “Ocean” of life!

Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.


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