Life Is A Dance

My 3 daughter’s have had a blast doing ballet and tap dance!

I have had just as much fun sitting on the sidelines watching them. As they learned the steps to “Tomorrow” in the movie “Annie”

they were giggling and

smiling and having such a great time!

It got me to thinking about all the times I’ve had the pleasure of seeing

those beautiful smiles come across their sweet faces!

All the birthdays, the cake and ice cream, christmas and the presents under the tree, the fall parties full of crafts and carving pumpkins,

even everyday life getting ready for school,

singing on the way to church,


all of the memories we have made!

I also thought about all the times my heart has broke because of the tears I have seen them shed. I know that there are many more to come in this lifetime, and it

saddens me that I can’t always make their hurt, fear or pain go away.

My thoughts led me to all the different memories, the ups and downs of life and the emotions that come along with them.

There has been joy, sadness, anger…

There has been fear

and there is always hope!

I remember the day that my world turned upside down

when the doctor’s called “code blue”

when my sweet Aubrey was born.

I remember praying and there was hope!

She is here with us today,

making memories, 

she is apart of our
“dance” of life!

I remember their wobbly first steps and the stuttered first words they spoke.
I also remember the first time they fell, the scratched knees and placing bandaid’s over the boo boo’s.

I remember Mckenna’s first broken bone from the slip and slide.

I remember the first time

a hateful word was spoken, their first argument.

I remember the hugs that followed and the first time they learned to apologize.

I remember the first day of pre school and the last day of 3rd grade, oh my how time flies!

I remember the day that my perfect little Catie was diagnosed with a genetic syndrome

and how my heart broke inside.

I remember the day we found out we were finally having

a little boy to add to this family of 3 beautiful girls!

I remember the good times and the not so good times, thankfully we are not done making memories!

There are lots more to make, so…

every morning as we get up to get ready for school or sunday school, every day as we have “family bible time” learning about Jesus and the hope that he brings, every evening we do homework and then gather at the table for dinner,

every night when we gather in a circle to pray as a family,

we are still making memories!

No doubt the happy days far surpass the not so happy days!

I was just thinking about this “dance” called life,

I am so grateful that we are not “dancing” alone!

God has been my Lead Partner!

 He is my guide and my HOPE

through it all!

Through the good and the bad, He has kept us and we are still “dancing”!

We dance for Laughter, We dance for Tears,

We dance for Madness, We dance for Fears,

We dance for Hopes, We dance for Screams,

 We are the dancers, We create the dreams!

~ Keep dancing my friends! ~


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