Caterpillar Years

I read something this morning that really tugged at my heart.

It made me think about how I want to spend

the days and moments that I have left with my

children during their childhood!

I know that we often hear phrases like “time fly’s when you’re having fun”


“enjoy your children while they’re small because they grow up so fast.”

I know that when our first daughter was born, tons of people would say things like that to us

but I don’t think we really understood

or grasped what they were saying.

In fact, I know we didn’t!

I don’t think anyone really does until one day you wake up and realize…

Wow, my baby isn’t much of a “baby” anymore.

This is the sentece in an article that I read this morning…

Remember, just like a butterfly, she too will spread her wings and fly some day.

Enjoy her caterpillar years!

It hit me like a ton of bricks…

We only have so many “caterpillar years” with each of them.

So while they are still home in our “cacoon”, I will try my best to take time to

enjoy every growing moment

with them.

To Our Dearest Children…

From the time you were so small, safe and snug in our arms….

through the times that you learned to crawl, talk and walk…

Through the falls, the bumps and bruises…

We have and will continue to kiss the boo boo’s, bandage them up if necessary and

stand you back on your feet to try again!

We will be the proudest parents ever when you achieve your goals…

We will also be your biggest fans even if you fail (as long as you do your best! ;))

And when life’s burdens get to heavy…

We will help you carry your load….

and more importantly teach you to pray to the Lord,

who can lift your burdens away!

We will celebrate holidays together,

start family traditions and have tons of fun!

We will listen to your opinions and what you have to say…

(not that we will always agree but we’ll listen!)

We know that there will be times we may argue and

feel angry…..

but more times than not, we will have so much fun together

and feel the love that we have for one another!

We will enjoy the time we get to spend with each and everyone of you to the very fullest!

We will teach you how to do chores and learn responsibility…

We will read, write and learn together…

We pray that you always remain close and love one another deeply…

and always keep the bond that you have now!

When you feel alone, when you’re upset or sad…

always remember that we’re here and we will seek

to make you smile again!

and when you’re sick…

We will be right beside you, We will take care of you

until you are healthy again.

We will teach you to cook…

Teach you to ride bikes…

We will teach you to eat healthy things…

Someday we will teach you to drive…

We will encourage you to try new things…

(first taste of shrimp)

and it’s ok if you decide you don’t like it!

We will be there on your first day of school,

your kindergarten graduation,

your first soccer game,

 your first cheerleading game,

your first dance recital,

your award ceremonies,

We will be with you through

your first crush, your first love, your first heart break,

and we will teach you to guard your hearts

and we will pray that when the day comes

and it’s time to

take the guards down, that your heart will be in good hands

and you will receive all of the happiness each of you deserve!

Because if by some unfortunate circumstance

the “wrong one” comes along,

little brother will help

daddy take care of that…..

(just for laughs, ha ha)

We pray that little brother guards his heart as well and

pray that the deserving woman comes along

years and years from now!

We will always be here for you,

 for all of the “big stuff”

and even for all of the “small stuff!”

We love you so BIG and enjoy you so MUCH

and we want the very best for every single

one of you!

Most of all, our hearts desire is to teach you to please the Lord

and to live for him, use your talents and

passions to bring glory to Him

and Him alone!

We will do our very best to teach you what we know

and be thrilled when you excel and show talents of your own!

We want to teach you to serve, reach out to others and

try your very best to shine the light

of Jesus!

(caleb and daddy praying at the homeless camp)

Every moment we are blessed to have you and watch you grow,

we will not take it for granted but we will

cherish the time that you

are here with us


We’ll love you all Forever and Always!


Mommy & Daddy


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