This Is Real Life

I heard a statement the other day

that really caught my attention and has stayed on my mind.

The person was basically saying

that the things that we

share on social media are the “best” of our lives,

the things we want people to see.

We don’t share

the “regular” day to day things and we sure enough don’t share

our mess

for everyone on our “friends” list to see.

What does this actually do though?

It really can give a false sense of what

Real Life

really looks like from day to day and how we live through

the good and the bad.

This can especially affect those of the

 younger generation that

see everything we post

and believe me….

they are watching!


we share the pictures of our well put together children

playing at the park

or doing something super cute.

We share about all the sweet and thoughtful things that our

husbands do.

We write about how good life is and how great our God is

and rightly so!

These are all things worthy of sharing

and if you scroll through my Facebook page today,

you will find all of these things.


here is my concern…

what about when the kids aren’t smiling, the husband isn’t being quite as


life is rough and we start to question the goodness of God…

what then?

I’m not saying that our social media pages should be

counseling others through life

or that we should “air all of our dirty laundry” online.

What I am saying

is that

maybe if we were to allow ourselves

to share a more accurate


of our Real Life

that others wouldn’t feel so pressured to

“measure up”

to something that none of us really are.


instead someone may see our


and feel relieved

that someone else out in the world isn’t living a

“picture perfect, fabulous facebook”


Who knows…

maybe, just maybe

it will

 enable someone else to be real as well!

Here is my challenge to all of those who have the courage…

Post something about

Real Life

that maybe you wouldn’t normally post.

You can even be “trendy”

and hashtag it


Who among the brave will join me? 😉


6 thoughts on “This Is Real Life

  1. Just yesterday I totally forgot about an appointment in my own home. Was 15 minutes late to it. When I did show up, I realized we had garage sale mess all over the living room, and lentil soup mess all over the kitchen. There was NOT A FLAT SURFACE to do our work on!! Ooops. Real life.

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