Decisions, Decisions : Fresh Start

This is our second year of homeschool

and today

was our first day back.

There’s just something about that first day of school.

Everyone is so excited and everything is new.

New books, new folders, new crayons (my favorite), new markers,

it’s a fresh start!


Caitlyn (6th grade) pictured above.


McKenna (4th grade) pictured above.


Aubrey (2nd grade) pictured above.

Daddy scheduled the day off to be at home for our first day

and everyone was thrilled!


After breakfast

we began the day by

“devotions with daddy.”


The day was going rather smooth

and we were pretty productive and before we knew it,

it was lunch time!

I wanted to make the first day FUN and get them pumped about our

learning adventure….

so for lunch we made pizza because what says “FUN” like making pizza…


(We like pizza 😉 )




Things were going so smooth but I knew there would come a “bump” in the road….

We had decided that although we were

going to homeschool

all 3 of our daughters this year

that we would still allow Caleb (our youngest child) to go to public preschool.

We made this decision based on what we thought

we would be best for him.

All of our

daughters had so much fun and such great learning experiences

in preschool and we thought that he would

benefit from it as well.

He was excited but very nervous.

After lunch, it was time to head to his first day of school.


He was reluctant to go in but once we got into the classroom

and he saw all of the “fun stuff”

he seemed at ease.

Everyone gave him lots of love and we headed on our way back home.


We got out of there without a tear shed (I held mine in until we were in the car.)

That afternoon

it was all I could do to keep from sobbing.

You would think after 3 other times

of this” preschool thing” that I would be use to it but

it just doesn’t get easier for me.

Back at home,

we continued learning. We had a neat lesson about

drawings that scientists have found on ancient cave walls.

After the lesson

the girls looked for cool rocks and painted them with their own

artwork that was to be similar to the artwork found in a cave.


We later learned about what makes

a volcano erupt

and experimented on a small volcano of our own.



It was really cool and I just kept thinking about how much Caleb would be enjoying

these things with us.

I absolutely couldn’t wait to bring him home.

Remember the “bump” in the road I told you about???

Here it comes, buckle up…

We all load up and get to the school to pick up our boy,

we’re the first ones there.

We are anxiously waiting to sign him out and hear all about the wonderful things

he has experienced.

We enter the room and all of the children are sitting

at tables eating a snack.

Caleb spots us and nervously waves.

He accidentally spills a little milk and looks up at me with an “oops” face.

I wink and whisper

“it’s ok.”

Another parent walks in and her little girl

runs up to her and clings to her leg.

The teacher loudly says to the little girl “uh huh, you know the rules

now come and finish your snack.”

The girl doesn’t budge

and so the teacher gets up, takes the girl by her hand, walks her back to the table

as she is saying

“you listen to my words, you know the rules!”

The girl shyly nibbles on her graham cracker with her head down.

The teacher says

“are you done?”

The girl nods “yes.”

The teacher then proceeds to tell the child

“ask if you can be excused, push in your chair and clean up your area.”

Every child that makes a slight movement

this teacher is correcting.

The tone she used with these children made my heart break.

Once Caleb was dismissed

and we were on  our way home,

we asked him how his day was.

He said that the friends in his class were nice, that the school had fun toys

and good food but the teachers

were kind of harsh.

(yes, my 4 year old said that lol)


decisions, decisions!

We are not sending him back


tomorrow he will have a fresh start to preschool!

Note: This was a new preschool to us, we had never sent any of our daughters there

and wasn’t sure what to expect but

felt reluctant about the atmosphere before ever leaving him there

in the first place.


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