It’s Just The Beginning

I wrote this blog at the beginning of last year.

It was our first year of homeschool

and I had no idea

what to expect. We are still new to this

as this is only our second year

of homeschool.

We are all so excited to get started

and absolutely can’t wait to see what sort of learning adventures

we’ll have this year!

The following is the blog from the beginning of last year:

A few weeks ago we began a new journey here at the Neville house…


It has been very challenging (yes, already lol)

but also very rewarding

and it’s only been almost 3 weeks.

I must admit that it only took me a couple of days before I thought to myself

 “what am I doing and why aren’t my children in school?”

I’m just so afraid of “messing up.”

And I can tell you that I have a new found respect for

homeschool parents.

It is quite a load to carry but what a beautiful load it is!

Watching them read, work, learn and explore together

is one of the greatest joys a mother could ever experience!


 And even on the messy days

when stuff is every where and things aren’t going as perfectly

as planned, I remind myself of this…

And even on the tough days,

the days that I’m not wearing my “Super Mama” gear,

I will look ahead to the purpose

and know that…

Happy HomeSchooling! 🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s Just The Beginning

  1. Yes! Love that you said it is a beautiful load. Today is my first day of home schooling and I am both excited, terrified, and overwhelmed. I totally agree with your picture at the bottom. There is no such thing as a super Mom, but we do have a SUPER God!

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