Wishing Flowers

       This Morning I am enjoying some cuddles and eskimo kisses from my one and only baby boy!

There is nothing in the world that can replace the love of a child!

Some of my favorite times are when I simply take the time to just watch.
 Just the other day as the kids were riding their bikes. Caleb wanted so badly to ride his big wheel.
He was studying his sisters trying to do what they were doing.
As he was watching, he discovered a white butterfly whizzing by him and I watched as his face lit up. He reach his hand out as if to try to touch it. As it flew away, his eyes got real big and he smiled.
He looked up at me and said in an excited tone “I saw a butterfly!”
I have learned since having children of my own
why the Bible says to humble ourselves as a little child.
Children see the world as God created it.
They watch as the butterflies go by instead of being too busy to see them.
My kids have picked the lovliest bunch of weeds and ever so proudly delivered them to me.
Grinning from ear to ear, they were showing me that they love me enough to pick
something beautiful to their eyes.
They also make sure I put the “lovely weeds” on display!
One spring our yard was so full of
white dandelions
because Aubrey decided that they were “wishing flowers” and she would “blow and wish” every chance she got!
When you blow on them, you are actually blowing seeds.When they land, more weeds grow.
So the more she would blow, the more they would grow!
At first I was frustrated and quite embarrassed of our yard full of weeds!
Then I realized what her eyes were seeing was much different than what my eyes saw.
So I sat back and enjoyed watching her wish!
What will you choose to see today?
A yard full of weeds or a land full of “wishing flowers?”

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