Make A Beautiful Place


With so many terrible and dark things taking place

in our world today,

it is hard to find the beauty.

We read articles about starving children living in terrible conditions,

we see video clips of violence and hate,

people are being beheaded and persecuted.

There are wars going on, innocent lives are in danger as I type these words.

Every time we turn on the news

 we hear of kidnappings, killings and so much violence and pain.

Where is the beauty in all of this?

I have heard many

ask the question “Why does God allow these things to happen?”

Here is my question…

“Why do we?”

The Bible tells us in John chapter 13

to love one another.

Jesus says

 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

It’s easy to look out into this dark world

and be overwhelmed

by all of the

trouble and all of the pain


may we no longer just

look for a beautiful place

in this world…..


make a place beautiful!

I can’t reach where you can reach, but I can do my best

to do my part right here in this part of our world.

I urge you today to open your heart and ask the Lord

how you can love

those around you and make the place where you are in the world

a more beautiful place!

Below is a portion of writing from one of my favorite bloggers, Ann Voskamp.

God is always good, and we’re always lovedeven when what He gives may appear ugly.

Up close, touching the unexpected comeliness in these domestic messes, I can’t help but wonder… does all the uglinesses in my life look this beautiful?

It would, if I got closer.

Is that why God stays so close to us?

Lord, draw me nearer to the scratched situations in my life, the dented relationships— if I got close enough to deeply see the intricacies, maybe I too could see the beauty?

Here is the link to get to her blog.


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