Because We All Matter

A short time ago, my husband and I were discussing future plans for our family.

Our biggest goal on the list was to find a new house and move.

We have lived in our home for 11 years now and have made wonderful memories

thus far

and although the house seemed much bigger when we moved

in as a family of 3

(and we are now a family of 6),

that is not the primary reason we decided that we wanted to move away.

We both had noticed that recently

there was a decline taking place in our area

and we just felt that it would be best to find a better place to live.

We noticed people hiding away in the

overgrown basketball court at the end of the street

doing drug deals and who knows what else,

we noticed more unattended children wandering our block and more police

cars driving through the area.

In order to explain what is taking place now, I have to take you back to 2010

when our family was at a youth camp for a week

and the preacher preached a message

about “Going through the motions.”

God began a work in our hearts that week and is still doing His work in us today!

As we sought the Lord for direction in our lives,

He revealed to us our faults and where we were slacking.

Many changes took place

over the course of that following year.

We began homeschooling our children after much prayer and anxiousness,

We began to receive many open doors

to evangelize at different places including a Youth Rehab Facility

every other Sunday

and began a Family Bible Time

with our children, something we had never done before.

God was truly turning our world upside down

 but we continued

in our plans to move away from our neighborhood.

We looked up apartments, townhomes

and houses for rent

and even went to view some of them in our efforts to move as quickly as possible.

About a year ago, my husband approached me

after his prayer time

when he asked the Lord

“what would you have me do for you?”

and he felt as though the Lord spoke to his heart…

“Look out your front door!”

We talked a little while about how we could reach out to the people around us

and tried to do small things

for the neighbors that we already knew.

But the call to “look out our front door” just wouldn’t leave our minds and eventually got to our hearts!

Scott felt as though we needed to start a Wednesday evening

Bible/Prayer meeting and invite all of our neighbors.

We canvased our whole block, passing out invitations to every house

to come be with us for a time

of Bible Study and Prayer.

We have had several neighbors attend and I cannot put into words

the joy that I feel watching these

beautiful people

hear the gospel and learn that God loves them, He LOVES us!


The last 3 months we have watched our small attempt to obey God

turn into something far greater than

what we could have imagined.

This past week, a group of us went down to the overgrown basketball court

and so many with their helping hands

and grateful hearts

helped us in our efforts to clean it up.


On Friday evening, we had our very first “Community Day” and

it was a complete blast!

Neighbors, family, church family and friends came out for free food,

games and face paint.

I am looking forward to the future and what God has in store for

our neighborhood


We All Matter to Him!


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